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Sobrero Barolo Parussi 2016
Sobrero Barolo Parussi 2016
Sobrero Barolo Parussi 2016
Sobrero Barolo Parussi 2016

Sobrero Barolo Parussi 2016


Cantina Sobrero


Piedmont, Italy 




Established in the 1940s by Francesco Sobrero, this family-run winery has been carefully managed by third generation Flavio Sobrero since 2000. The family manages 16 hectares, three quarters of which are located in the heart of Langhe’s Castiglione Falletto region. Producing some of the region’s top-tier Langhe Nebbiolo, Sobrero is also lucky enough to own vines within six magnificent Crus: Villero, Pernanno, Ornato, Piantà, Valentino and Parussi. The conversion to organic viticulture in 2020 marks a new chapter in their family history.

Their Barolo Parussi is sourced from a single hectare plot in the Parussi Cru, enough to make just 2,300 bottles. The plot sits at 350 metres above sea level, prime conditions for these low-yielding, 55-year-old Nebbiolo vines.

Natural fermentation in barrel for just over a month, then the wine matures for two years in very large oak barrels. It is bottled unfiltered and individually numbered.

Sublime. Just sublime. The epitome of desirable Barolo! An alluring scent of roses, wild cherries and leather, then firm acidity like biting into one of the first raspberries of the summer alongside those hallmark tobacco notes.

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