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Organically Farmed Reds Case
Organically Farmed Reds Case
Organically Farmed Reds Case

Organically Farmed Reds Case

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Red Squirrel Wine

A selection of SIX organically farmed red wines from diverse regions across Europe, shipped direct from the lovely producers themselves.

And you get 16% off the full price. Here are your wines.

The Château de Bel 'Echappée Bel' Rouge is a certified biodynamic Merlot from Bordeaux, delivering claret flavours on the brighter, fruitier end of the spectrum.

Speaking of claret... actually no, Château Laballe Les Terres Basses Rouge isn't a claret but it is French and it does contain Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot yet led by bold, black-fruited Tannat. The Laudets have been farming this Gascon vineyard for centuries - now in conversion to biodynamic viticulture - and Cyril has made one of our favourite reds of the year.

Staying in France, Maison Ventenac Coup de Sang is a Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc blend from family vineyards undergoing organic conversion. Think not of Bordeaux here in terms of flavour but rather the Loire, which is surprising given this is from Cabardès in Languedoc-Roussillon. Herbaceou, refreshing, bright red-berry flavours.

Arnold Holzer's Eschenhof Holzer Wagram Zweigelt is a lighter sort of red from vineyards in organic conversion, but Austrian grape Zweigelt has a dark, spicy underbelly. Imagine this as summer pudding berries in a glass with several turns of a black pepper grinder.

Heading to Spain, Marsilea Bobal Joven is a certified organic old bushvine Bobal made only in stainless steel tanks, so while it has Bobal's typical robust nature it is vibrant, aromatic and fruit-forward.

Rounding off the case, from Enisio Tocco and his family in Abruzzo comes Tocco Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, where they farm organically and produce characterful wines like this dark plums & chocolate Montepulciano.


[Golden squirrel nutcracker and book not included, but don't forget you do earn Squirrel Points for every pound you spend, which you can redeem on more wine and in the long run save up for household essentials like golden squirrel nutcrackers.]


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