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MAR 7 Pedro Ximenez (PX) NV
MAR 7 Pedro Ximenez (PX) NV
MAR 7 Pedro Ximenez (PX) NV

MAR 7 Pedro Ximenez (PX) NV


Despacho de Vinos MAR 7


Jerez, Spain 


Pedro Ximenez


Viños MAR 7 is found in the heart of Sanlúcar de Barrameda and is run by María José Romero, who recalls her most memorable sherry moments as having been over a glass of Manzanilla with her father, “a pharmacist by profession but a winemaker by devotion”.

Her biodynamically farmed vineyard dates from 1820 and is in an enviable position with exceptional microclimatic conditions. María created MAR 7 in honour of her winemaking ancestors. These fortified wines are aged in 80-year-old American oak barrels and see no additions during production.

Pedro Ximenez (or plain 'PX') is the name of the grape and it is usually made as a sweeter dessert wine. The very ripe grapes are dried in the sun to concentrate the sugars and what you get is an unctuous dark nectar of a wine, one of the sweetest and most delectable in the world!

María's PX marries that intense sweetness with refreshing aroma and flavour that make the wine very well balanced, with a long and tasty finish. Such a treat!

75cl bottle.

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