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MAR 7 Oloroso NV
MAR 7 Oloroso NV
MAR 7 Oloroso NV

MAR 7 Oloroso NV


Despacho de Vinos MAR 7


Jerez, Spain 


Palomino Fino


Viños MAR 7 is found in the heart of Sanlúcar de Barrameda and is run by María José Romero, who recalls her most memorable sherry moments as having been over a glass of Manzanilla with her father, “a pharmacist by profession but a winemaker by devotion”.

Her biodynamically farmed vineyard dates from 1820 and is in an enviable position with exceptional microclimatic conditions. María created MAR 7 in honour of her winemaking ancestors. These fortified wines are aged in 80-year-old American oak barrels and see no additions during production.

Oloroso is a style of sherry that doesn't develop the 'flor' (protective cap of yeast in barrel) like other sherries. Therefore the wine is allowed to oxidise in contact with air and develop a uniquely complex, dark, rich flavour over long periods of ageing. It can be sweet or dry.

María's dry Oloroso is warming, round in texture and powerful in flavour with notes of walnuts, tobacco and leather. Dry, delicious and soft to taste, the flavours persist forever!

75cl bottle.

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