Free delivery when you spend more than £70

Loyalty Points

You can now earn points and cash them in against future wine purchases with our new loyalty scheme. It doesn't give you a free coffee and newspaper, but you're far more likely to use it than those 2,748,953 Nectar points that have been accumulating since you were a student. And you can keep track of your points account using the little tab in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.


Create an account

This one's super easy and will make you as happy as Larry above. Just create an online account with us and receive our sprightly, ever-informative and unmissable emails, and we'll give you...

150 points = £1.50


Spend and your points will grow

Turn wine! The more wine you buy, the more points you shall earn.

£1 spent = 2 points


Got a friend who likes wine?

Convince a friend to get in on the action and after their first order of £60 or more we'll award you a whacking great 1,000 points.

1 friend = 1,000 points

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