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47 AD Prosecco Spumante NV - Red Squirrel Wine
47 AD Prosecco Spumante NV - Red Squirrel Wine

47 AD Prosecco Spumante NV


47 Anno Domini



Veneto, Italy


Prosecco (aka Glera)


Brothers Christian and Andrea Tombacco are the third generation of their family to produce wine in the Veneto, the farm having been founded by their grandfather Batista in 1899. Their vineyards are farmed organically and to explain the name of their winery they sit on the Via Augustus, a Roman route connecting Venice to the plains beyond the Brenner pass, and which was completed under the rule of Emperor Claudius Augustus in 47 AD. These are Prosecco wines made in traditional fashions, including the tappo spago cork closure, a symbol of their desire to move forward while never forgetting their heritage.

The organic grapes are hand-harvested and manually sorted in the winery.  The grapes are then pressed and transferred into a pressurised vat in which primary fermentation takes place. Fermentation is then followed by a number of rackings for clarification. The sugar needed for secondary fermentation is then added to the base wine to produce this fizzier Spumante style. This is the Charmat or tank method.

A classic Prosecco Spumante with an appealing fruit-forward nose and harmonious feel. The palate bursts with vibrant apples and pears combined with a delicate floral character. A lovely aperitivo.

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