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Trincadeira is a black grape variety native to Portugal. Difficult to grow and susceptible to disease, the popularity of Trincadeira amongst growers has fallen. When the vines vigour is managed (boy does this variety love to grow) and the grapes are picked at the correct time (the window of opportunity is very small, just days lie between the grapes being underripe and green flavoured and overripe and jammy) the wine produced can be of very high quality indeed.


The red wines produced in the Douro and Dão from Trincadeira are concentrated and dark with good tannins and acidity meaning the wines have great ageing potential. Flavours of blackberries and bergamot (Earl Grey tea) dominate.



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Convento da Vila Tinto 2019
Convento da Vila Tinto 2019 - Red Squirrel Wine

Convento da Vila Tinto 2019

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