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Extremely rare and most definitely endangered (there is little more than 100ha planted), Rotgipfler is a fascinating grape variety producing wines with an abundance of aromatics. Only grown around the town of Gumpoldskirchen, Austria where the locals are extremely proud of there 2 native grape varieties. Rotgipfler is often blended with the other native variety Zierfandler. When produced as a varietal wine, Rotgipfler is powerful, expressive and age-worthy, maintaining good acidity even when fully ripe. This allows the growers to leave the grapes longer to develop their full array of flavours, predominantly, stone fruits such as peach and apricot.


There is good reason for the good people of Gumpoldskirchen to be proud, their wines are splendid, and nobody in the UK has heard of them. Snap them up now because it can't be long before they gain critical acclaim.



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