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Pinot Gris / Grigio

Pink-skinned Pinot Gris (or Pinot Grigio) is one of the most widely planted grape varieties in the world. It is also, under its Italian moniker, one of the most widely known. These are all too often, mass-produced, bland, insipid wines made to a price. However, when the yields are lower, the fruit riper and more care is taken both in the vineyard and in the winery, you can find some sublime wines, with ripe peach, apricot, apple and pear flavours and hints of spice. As always, but never truer than with Pinot Grigio, seek quality, not quantity.


Colour or Style
Bullshit Grauburgunder 2019
Bullshit Grauburgunder 2019 - Red Squirrel Wine

Bullshit Grauburgunder 2019

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