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Red Squirrel Wine

A selection of SIX white wines deploying the Sauvignon Blanc grape in different ways from around the world, shipped direct from the lovely producers themselves.

Think you know Sauvignon Blanc? Test your tastebuds with this case of wines from France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

And you get 20% off the full price. Here are your wines.

Cape Town Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc is from vineyards around Cape Town, cooled by the Cape Doctor since the 17th century. South African Sauvignons tend to sit somewhere between the fuller style of New Zealand and the more restrained European style - especially so from vineyards like these cooled by the Atlantic Ocean.

Raymond Morin SB/19 is your archetypal Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Subtle fruit flavours, herbaceous and fresh.

Emil Bauer & Söhne Bundschuh demonstrates why German Sauvignon Blanc is so highly thought of these days. It is riper than you expect - certainly fruitier than the wine above from the Loire - and that's thanks to the ample warmth and sunshine in this area of the Pfalz.


From Australia, Murdoch Hill Sauvignon Blanc comes from one of the region's most highly regarded farms and winemakers, at some of the higher altitudes in the Onkaparinga Valley area of the Adelaide Hills, showcasing a fine balance between fuller and leaner styles. Michael Downer trained at nearby Shaw + Smith, so he knows his onions when it comes to Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc!

Of course, there had to be an entry from New Zealand, and fans of all styles of Sauvignon Blanc should adore the Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc from Kim & Erica Crawford's organic vineyards in the Awatere Valley area of Marlborough. Recognisably Kiwi but nicely balanced.

Finally, returning to South Africa and an example of oaked Sauvignon Blanc from arguably the country's best proponent of the variety, Cape Point. Their unique vantage point overlooking Noordhoek and the Atlantic Ocean delivers beautifully balanced, vivacious Sauvignon. This is barrel-aged with a bit of Semillon and has masses of flavour.


[Golden squirrel nutcracker and book not included, but don't forget you do earn Squirrel Points for every pound you spend, which you can redeem on more wine and in the long run save up for household essentials like golden squirrel nutcrackers.]


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