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Bertie Coetzee (left) is the sixth generation farmer at Lowerland in the remote Northern Cape. A pioneering organic farm mostly devoted to maize, flour, cattle and pecan nuts, their small 3-hectare vineyard is turning out some of the most exciting wines in South Africa.

The grapes are picked and driven 12 hours south down the N1 to Stellenbosch, where the wine is made by talented young winemaker Lukas van Loggerenberg.


Colour or Style
Lowerland Die Verlore Bokooi #6 NV
Lowerland Die Verlore Bokooi #6 NV - Red Squirrel Wine

Lowerland Die Verlore Bokooi #6 NV

From £22.00

Lowerland Tolbos Tannat 2018
Lowerland Tolbos Tannat 2018 - Red Squirrel Wine

Lowerland Tolbos Tannat 2018

From £39.00

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