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This thin and hilly crescent betwixt Piedmont, Tuscany and the Mediterranean Sea is a summer playground. It's also home to some of the best wines you've never heard of. We've driven the length and breadth of Liguria seeking the rarest of gems. And what stunning territory it is. The terraced vineyards of Cinque Terre make the Mosel or the Côte-Rotie look gently undulating. Meanwhile in the west, the hills of Dolceacqua are barely less arresting, Dolceacqua itself among the prettiest of towns you'll come across anywhere in Italy.


Colour or Style
Altavia Noname 2015
Altavia Noname 2015 - Red Squirrel Wine

Altavia Noname 2015

From £15.00

Bruna Pigato Le Russeghine 2017
Bruna Pigato Le Russeghine 2017 - Red Squirrel Wine

Bruna Pigato Le Russeghine 2017

From £24.00

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