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King Valley

King Valley is home to the "Prosecco Road" of Australia. It's here that many northern Italians settled in the middle of the twentieth century, and like Otto Dal Zotto, who arrived in the 1960s, many came from the areas of the Veneto were Prosecco was traditionally made. Otto and his sons were the first to plant Prosecco grapes in Australia in the 1990s and several Italian-Australians followed suit. The King Valley is three hours' drive north of Melbourne on the way to the Victorian Alps, so you have a cooler climate here that is well suited to sparkling Prosecco production as well as other northern Italian grapes.

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Dal Zotto Garganega 2018
Dal Zotto Garganega 2018 - Red Squirrel Wine

Dal Zotto Garganega 2018

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