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Another wonderful 'Red Squirrel' grape variety. Native to northern Spain, in particular Rioja, the varieties low yields and difficultly to ripen fully in all but the warnest vintages meant that it fell out of favour, where it was replaced with the more commercially viable and consistent Tempranillo. It is however highly valued as a blending component, for its aromatic profile potential for ageing.


As always with problematic grape varieties site selection is key. The very best Rioja Gran Reservas will often have a small proportion of Graciano in them, but more and more producers are discovering the value of this fantastic grape variety. Varietal Graciano wines are starting to be seen in Rioja, Portugal (where it is called Tinta Miúda), Argentina (called Graciana) and even Australia. The Graciano revolution is coming!



Laventura Rioja Barranco del San Ginés 2015
Laventura Rioja Barranco del San Ginés 2015 - Red Squirrel Wine

Laventura Rioja Barranco del San Ginés 2015

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