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Ciliegiolo is a really ancient and important grape from the centre of Italy that is even a parent of the much more famous Sangiovese. It takes its name from the Italian for cherries, a nod to the strong cherry flavour in the wines. Where it is from is a bit of a mystery with several regions claiming it as their own, but it is probably from Tuscany or Umbria, as well as having strong footholds in the likes of Liguria and Emilia-Romagna.

Colour or Style
Dado è Tratto Rosso 2018
Dado è Tratto Rosso 2018 - Red Squirrel Wine

Dado è Tratto Rosso 2018

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Leonardo Bussoletti Breccario 2015
Leonardo Bussoletti Breccario 2015 - Red Squirrel Wine

Leonardo Bussoletti Breccario 2015

From £29.00

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