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Plantings of Carignan - known as Cariñena, Mazuelo or Samsó in Spain, Carignano in Italy - are sadly dwindling around the globe. It can be a fickle grape, needing a warm, long, but more importantly dry growing season and even then careful handling by the winemaker as it tends to produce high tannins and acidity. When the stars align, and you have old vines, the right conditions and a skilled hand in the cellar, Carignan is truly one of the world's best wine grapes.


Colour or Style
Laventura Rioja La Nave 2018
Laventura Rioja La Nave 2018 - Red Squirrel Wine

Laventura Rioja La Nave 2018

From £20.00

Koerner La Korse 2019
Koerner La Korse 2019 - Red Squirrel Wine

Koerner La Korse 2019

From £31.00

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