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Dry January or not, it's time for a change.....

If you are abstaining from the nectar-of-the-gods, and being a sensible squirrel this January (fair play to you, it's not something I choose to even contemplate), its getting to that crunch time where you start to feel the pain, and those wonderfully tantalising fantasies start to kick in...  

artwork by Kat Wiggins

Having given yourself a break it is all to easy to fall straight back into those habits you had before; sipping Sauvignon Blanc, chugging Chardonnay or boring people with Bordeaux. Don't get me wrong there is a place for all of those 'Grey Squirrel' wines, but there is more to wine, nay, more to life; and if you find yourself looking at your wine rack (or god-forbid.. a supermarket shelf) and picking the same type of wine because it is a safe choice, it's time for us to help.

Some people will say "well it's the better the devil you know", but where is the inspiration, the ambition, the willingness to try something new? In fact this is quite a horrible phrase, designed to make people stumble through life, maintaining the status-quo. And, as an aside, how wrong can you really go? It's only wine after all, and wine is something to be enjoyed, not be frightened of.

I know what your all thinking... "but there is so much choice out there". This is of course absolutely true, with supermarkets, wine merchants and online retailers (like us) all claiming to offer the best value. However, we at Red Squirrel Wine know there is something better, more interesting and more unique out there for you. 

We are showcasing our wines next Friday (31st January) here at the Barley Mow Centre from 4pm - 7:30pm, so why not come see us, try a large selection of wines and meet myself, Nik and Dan, and if you have been sensible this January why not celebrate your achievement with us.

Failing that we will be at The Food Market Chiswick the following Sunday (2nd February) from 10am - 2pm.

We hope to see you soon.

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